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Ball Media

Founded in 1994, the Ball Media Corporation has thrived in the media industry for over a decade. Today we are a recognized leader in providing print, web and new media services to thousands of clients across North America and around the world. Building our corporation as a major supplier of compact disc replication to the music industry, Ball Media has grown to include award winning graphic design, on-demand printing, web design, video production, branding, packaging and fulfillment. Through our primary sales office in Canada and our satellite offices in the United States we process several million pieces of printed materials and optical disc media each year and we continue to grow. We are proud of our many successes and we look forward to the opportunity of demonstrating our corporate values and dedication to the highest level of customer service to you.

Big Ear Inc.

is one of the leaders on the forefront of hearing health technologies. Noise induced hearing loss is not just an industrial problem, but is a societal problem of major proportions. It can effect anyone without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin or age.


"Codekontrol Project" is a Multimedia/Entertaining Project lead by a group of dj/media manipulators with the intention of enriching the nightlife in London. Born from a dream of an unsigned music producer, he managed in the course of the past couple of years to put together a team of valid And motivated individuals. Why Codekontrol? It is known that there are many type of codes in the world, but everyone of them needs at least two persons to be effectively working and here comes the communication, that’s the main code and that’s what the Codekontrol is all about: Communication.

Our Mission: :::::Discover the Underground in any of its forms and then show it to the masses::::::


Our website lets you create your own Digital Record Store Fully customizable to your company's brand.

DJ Times

Established in 1988, DJ TIMES is America’s first magazine for professional DJs. Every month, more DJs turn to DJ Times than any other industry publication for information on the newest products and emerging technologies, for catching up on the latest trends and tunes, and for advice on how to go further in the craft. Club DJs, mobile DJs, remixers, turntablists, producers, laptop DJs, radio jocks—DJs of all types and styles, all read DJ Times. Because the DJ is a continually forming entity, the publication which reports on the trends of the industry must also help define and shape those trends. DJ Times is precisely that magazine.


provides next generation, web-based Event Management software that enables maximum ticket sales to Event Managers, and maximum benefits of attending an event to Attendees. Eventbee embraces innovative collaboration and networking technologies along with traditional applications to deliver unprecedented ROI to its customers.


Official definition in Danish: The City of Gigs (Yeah, we know in Swedish too!). While we may not be a city, our Gigsby is a socio-professional community built to create more gigs and better gigs. Gigsby provides tools and a social network that will make creating gigs easier. We think that if it’s easier to create a gig, there will be more gigs, making the GigPie bigger for everyone.

Headcase Records


Inchwear LLC

An apparel company that sells tee-shirts, headwear, underwear, and swimwear. The company is designed for the self-confident male to humorously promote their manhood. Each product will either contain a number or phrase for the purposes of self expression.

JoJo Electro

Jojo Electro is a global, innovative clothing company inspired by electronic dance music lifestyle. Our company is committed to on going creative collaborations with top DJ's, record labels and nightclubs.

Kemper Digital Gmbh

Access Music is a privately held manufacturer of musical instruments from Germany. Our mission is to build stellar sounding musical instruments packed with innovative and industry-leading features to deliver products by musicians for musicians. Our multiple award winning Virus Ti synthesizer line of products is one of the most sought after products in the industry and our frequent free software updates have become the hallmark of Access Music.

Malibu Project


The Partners In Digital Music

The Partners In Digital Music booth is an exciting one for anyone in the music industry. Three distinct brands have partnered up to offer great opportunities to all. If you are an artist and are looking to get signed to a record label, you speak with BomBeatz Music and explore the possibilities! Already signed and/or have a record label? No problem! Speak to Symphonic Distribution for discussions on how you can expand your record label worldwide with distribution to hundreds of digital providers. Already have distribution but want to still keep expanding or are you a DJ that is looking for a new online portal to shop? JamVana.com is the answer there, with .99c downloads of some of the hottest dance music today. The Partners In Digital Music booth is a unique partnership formed to benefit anyone attending the Winter Music Conference.


phizuu:connect is a mobile application platform targeted towards the music industry. Its main focus is to give musicians the opportunity to make an intimate connection with their fans around the globe. phizuu:connect even has an online content management system which allows the artist to update most of their application content "on the fly." Check out the phizuu:connect Tour page to get a better idea about what it can offer you.

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ Products are the industry standard for Professional DJs. Digital Turntables, DVD Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, and Headphones.

Power FX Systems

PowerFX , based in Stockholm, Sweden has been producing music samples, loops and sound effects since 1995, and in fact, was one of the first to make them available as downloads from the Net. Our impressively produced sounds span in style from authentic recordings by Motown musicians to string sessions by Russian symphony orchestras available on our website www.powerfx.com to instantly preview-listen, download, and use royalty-free.


RemixGalaxy.com is the leading online community for music remixing and production. The site includes an entirely new category of digital music sales by bringing to market songs for sale as multi-track files, where the individual musical elements of a song (vocals, bass, drums, guitar, etc.) are provided in separate audio files, giving music fans the ability to customize or remix the song. Fully licensed and created from the original master recordings, this signature offering (1) provides music labels and artists a new source of revenue, (2) forges connections with music fans by allowing them to participate in the creative process alongside the artist and (3) enables both music and non-music brands to access our platform for promotional purposes. In addition, RemixGalaxy hosts its mixStudio browser-based music production software, a simple yet powerful application for creating and mixing music online. With mixStudio, anyone, regardless of experience, can become a producer in minutes. At RemixGalaxy.com, music is no longer a spectator sport, and everyone has the opportunity to be heard! For more information, contact: Kyle Reed (kyle@remixgalaxy.com).



Rhino Cubes Inc.

Based out of Tampa, Florida, the idea behind the RhinoCube™ portable entertainment trailer product all started with tailgating at the Tampa Bay Bucaneers games. At these events, we realized we needed to create an easy way to have audio and visual equipment to watch the game and enjoy the party without having to lug around individual components, wire it all together, and then figure out where to hook it all up. We just wanted to hang out and have fun, not spend hours laboring over A/V equipment. Our long-term goal is offer several distinct portable transforming trailer product lines geared at accommodating specific industries' needs by tailoring design and functionality to help exceed goals, reduce cost, save time, and expand the way we operate in our day-to-day lives.

Santucci Priore & Long P.L

SANTUCCI, PRIORE & LONG is a boutique law firm that provides experienced and effective representation to those businesses and individuals looking for an affordable alternative to large firm representation. With offices in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, the firm's attorneys maintain years of experience handling a wide variety of intellectual property, business law and civil litigation matters. Encompassing a wealth of experience we can provide clients with high quality yet affordable representation in a broad range of areas, including patent, trademark and copyright, entertainment, corporate, insurance, health care, foreclosure, bankruptcy and state and federal litigation.

Our firm’s definitive mission is to offer clients individual attention plus creative and cost effective representation not often found at larger law firms. Ultimately, whether our client is negotiating a business transaction, needs counseling, representation and protection or is involved in litigation, our commitment as lawyers is strictly consistent: to accomplish the client's goals and resolve legal issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


SLAPPA was formed in 2002 and launched into the market in June 2003.The concept around SLAPPA was based on the lack of top quality storage cases for CD's. Company president, Dominick Martinetti, created and patented the revolutionary d2 pocket system. The d2 pocket system is the first solution in home and portable CD storage that enables users to store discs and disc covers (liner notes) in dedicated layered pockets, and discard plastic jewel cases. SLAPPA HardBody PRO cases were designed around the d2 pages, with the intent of offering the ultimate protection for digital media.
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