"WMC, which started primarily as a dance music gathering, has grown to become a melting pot of musical genres, where everything from hip hop to electro to indie rock is being properly represented. "

URB Magazine, March 2009

"I’m on such a high," said Fergie, who tours with the (Black Eyed) Peas this summer. "The Winter Music Conference is so great. People in Miami are on fire. They’re so energetic -- we’re having a great time."

Fergie quoted in the Miami Herald, April 2009

"With everything from parties, lessons, workshops and general feel good attitude there is something for everyone. This is not a national event but an international event with the best DJs from around the world."

Examiner.com, March 2009

"I think a lot of people save up all year and curb their other activities to be able to come to the conference. For dance music in America, this has really become one of the meccas to see artists they don’t get to see."

Josh Wink quoted in the Miami Herald, March 2009

"The Winter Music Conference is best-known for perennially drawing the world’s most famous DJs and dance-music acts to Miami in late March for a week of craziness unlike any other, in any place, throughout the year."

Michael Hamersly, Miami Herald, March 2009

"For one week in March, Miami welcomed dance-music fans from around the globe to the Winter Music Conference with enough parties to make a Vegas New Year’s look as lame as a junior-high formal. DJs, producers and industry insiders alike took over South Beach to network, listen to the newest tunes and party their asses off."

Deanna Rilling, Las Vegas Weekly, April 2009

"March, for instance, is the biggest month for the city in terms of music, with the Winter Music Conference opening its doors. A celebration of electronic music, it is the biggest event of its kind in the world and was established back in 1985. The conference lasts for a week and attracts thousands of industry professionals keen to network. Although the main event is primarily open to the music experts - such as DJs and record label representatives - it also attracts thousands of clubbers who come to experience the new music on offer."

Best Syndication.com, May 2009

"Miami's probably one of the most important places for dance music, quite simply because of the Winter Music Conference. You have people from all around the globe, all the different music territories flying in to talk business and of course to party. You probably get more work done in one week in Miami than you do all year round -- if of course you act sensibly and don’t party too hard. But it’s the perfect location, I couldn’t imagine having the Conference anywhere else but Miami. Hot weather, gorgeous scenery, amazing clubs, exciting crowds and of course beautiful people."

Fedde Le Grand
November 2008

"….standing under a deepening indigo sky on the penultimate day of WMC 2008 listening to Gui Boratto finish his one hour slot on a well-tuned, not over-loud system facing the Atlantic ocean… in Miami last night I looked up and thought how beautiful and inspiring electronic music can be… exuberant crowd rising and falling with ever subtle incremental changes in the musical arrangement. Nothing histrionic, nothing brash. a kind of humble community music that rocks you to the very core and fills you up with its imagination… and they call this House Music too, you know. The battle lines are forever drawn. Take a stand, folks."

Ben Watt
March 2008

"[WMC is] reuniting with everyone annually for the 23rd year now, without missing a conference since 1986, seeing Miami with exciting and vibrant faces that are all there for the love of underground dance music."

Danny Tenaglia
March 2008

"The week is crammed full of delicious parties , boasting the world’s finest DJs and catering for just about any musical preference…WMC week seems to have a new lease on life…Miami seems more relevant than ever before with an amazing and diverse array of music across all genres. This year you can touch base with everyone from the old guard, who laid the foundations for WMC, to the DJs du jour, responsible for a resurgence in dance music popularity."

Lesley Wright
DJ Magazine
March 2008

"The Winter Music Conference has drawn the world’s best DJs, producers and industry schmoozers each March since 1985 for a week of glory, debauchery and fun in the sun. It’s electronic dance music’s biggest yearly event, attracting hundreds of thousands of beat-crazy revelers to Miami."

Miami Herald
March 2008

"I got a beautiful suntan and missed a lot of sleep, but a friend told me ‘sleep is not a good option in Miami.’ We met a lot of people previously only known via email, presented our new music and our label in the US and carried out a lot of interviews."

Anja Schneider
March 2008

"South Beach in particular was a week long buzz of activity during the end of March. Coinciding with the early Easter this year the world's music lovers were there to enjoy some of the world's best music, DJs and talent."

Boston Herald
April 2008

"We met at WMC 2001. I was giving away my new track and Dave was working for Pete Tong. He liked the track, put it on his radio station, gave me the opportunity to remix "New Order" and we never stopped making music. I started going to WMC in ‘95. The conference has changed, but it’s still good. There’s something about having everything at the same place at the same time."

Gabriel & Dresden
March 2008

"It’s important to see all of the other DJs/producers who throughout the year, are just iChat friends."

March 2008

"We’ve heard about it for years before we came to [WMC], and it’s something of a legend among the dance fraternity…So when we came out there, it lived up to its legend and we wanted to come back. These are the rare opportunities we get to go out and check other things out - we’re normally flat-out working and recording. It’s one of those rare occasions where we’re allowed out of the house…With the colors of the buildings and the vibe of the people there – you come into a sunshine place with sunshine people, so that really helps."

March 2008

"[WMC] is and always will be a showcase for DJs, as you have a concentrated amount of the music industry all in the same place at the same time."

Steve Lawler
March 2008

"It’s a chance to check out what other DJs are up to, catch up with friends, do some promotion for ourselves…and get much needed sun on our pale studio-ridden bodies!"

Simon Marlin (Shapeshifters)
March 2008

"In its 23rd year WMC is the premier networking event in the dance music industry that gives DJs, producers, technological innovators, artists, pretty people, hangers on and other hipsters from 62 countries the chance to party together, talk shop, make connections and maybe get laid. Think of the nonstop five days of parties as the Art Basel of music, with more than 40,000 expected attendees."

Night Magazine
March 2008

"I like to network with other artists and go to as many shows as possible, which is always a challenge, as you need to fulfill your obligations, and you're tired, and you don’t want to die or collapse [laughs]. The great thing about WMC is it remains to be one of the most major intersections of the scene."

Steve Porter
March 2008

"This year we saw more soul in the entire conference."

BlackBook Magazine
March 2008

"The seminars and panel events are noteworthy attractions at the WMC. Here, various subjects are discussed, such as music and its emerging format, production technology, DJ innovations, retail and distribution, to name but a few. Aspiring musicians and music fans will find these workshops informative and educational and they give valuable insight into the music industry."

February 2008

"Not only has my experience of the Conference broadened the range of the actual music I dig for, it’s given me exciting new ideas about how to present that music in a club setting. If you have even a passing interest in dance music, whether from the perspective of a DJ or a dancer, scrape and save and make plans early to set aside the last week of March and go for broke, because there really is nothing else as wild or uplifting as the experience of WMC—not in this country at least."

May 2008

"The Winter Music Conference, in its 23rd year, is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry, attracting professionals from over 60 different countries. With its high concentration of top international artists, DJs and industry professionals, WMC permeates the international press and is thereby one of the most publicized events in the business."

April 2008

"One of the great things about the Winter Music Conference is wherever you go, whether it's in the club, the street or even in the elevator, hungry DJs are constantly slingin' their mix tapes. Looking back over the week, the things I took away were the push to step up my own DJ and producing game with some of the new technology available now, incorporation of live instruments whilst spinning, and exploring the new musical flavors that are poppin' up everywhere."

Counterguy Wrapup
April 2008

"The vibe and feel of the city, the people that show up to the club and dance to four or five in the morning, is amazing. You know for Tommy Lee and I, Winter Music Conference is like our Super Bowl"

DJ Aero
March 2008

"Each year artists, partygoers, promoters and labels buy their tickets to Florida to experience the biggest Stateside event on the dance music calendar. Whether your going to get your groove on, schmooze, cut a deal or just kick back and admire the magnificent plastic surgery on display, [WMC] is the place to be…"

March 2008

"Winter Music Conference, Miami’s own version of March Madness that draws the world’s top dance music artists - and party people - for a week of unmatched debauchery….The spectacle is dominated by DJs who move the crowd by mainly standing behind turntables and spinning tracks. But there will be a few acts that shatter that stereotype, offering audiences a more dynamic and interactive concert experience."

March 2008

"In its 23rd year, the Winter Music Conference (WMC) is a mandatory industry pilgrimage attracting attendees from around the world who descend on Miami in a flurry of nonstop house mash-ups and spin sessions."

February 2008

"It's hard to find a lineup that has the same insanity that Miami has…When it comes to gathering so many well-known DJs and live artists, for the music fans it's an absolutely thrilling opportunity."

Junkie XL
March 2008

"I’ll be running around that Conference like a kid in a candy store. I wanna hear everybody from Danny Tenaglia to Tiesto to Erick Morillo to Deep Dish DJ Dubfire - whatever I can make it to that my body can possibly handle."

DJ Skribble
March 2008

"Over the last 23 years, Miami and Miami Beach have become the gathering places for global clubbers and the industry that caters to them during the week of WMC. For five days, dance fanatics will take over hotels, restaurants, nightspots, and concert venues with a slew of parties, industry mixers, panels, and awards shows -- some of them officially part of the festival, some of them not…WMC is where DJs, producers, artists, and their hangers-on come to break new records…"

March 2008

"The Winter Music Conference 2008 has officially begun as of Tuesday March 25 and with that begins one of the most exciting weeks of the year for electronic music fans and industry alike. WMC is one of the focal points of the yearly dance music calendar, bringing together DJs, producers, labels, promoters, and everyone else in between for one week of intense partying and possibly a little business and networking too."

March 2008

"We got more than ever out of WMC this year….We met with distributors and club promoters from all over the world to get out club nights and CDs into their cities."

Mark Wilkinson
March 2008

"WMC is the largest global networking event in the dance music industry which yearly showcase panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, awards ceremony, music festivasl, and talent (The LIST) in over 100 venues. Industry executives, International artists, DJs, DVJs, VJs, technological innovators, producers, remixers, digital/recording artists, radio/video programmers, digital retailers, digital distributors, press, and audio manufacturers attended the conference."

Film Festival Today
April 2008

"Among the major themes of this year's 23rd installment of Winter Music Conference are better and bigger. Much bigger. Just check the numbers: 40,000 people are expected to attend various events; 20,000 area hotel rooms are booked; more than 1,780 artists and DJs will perform; over 85 venues will throw parties. In short, Miami Beach and downtown will transform into a dance music city of sorts. And as music and the industry have changed, so too have trends during the conference. One of the most positive is the increased consciousness of many party attendees and promoters."

Miami New Times
March 2008

"The Winter Music Conference is a music industry celebration of artists, DJs, parties, festivals, exhibitions and serious music talk. All those who have attended previous years always return, as they know that it is set to be a week of entertainment, dancing and exploration. This year, the Winter Music Conference is going to be nothing short of spectacular."

March 2008

"… there’s a sense of importance around this year’s WMC…as both relatively young acts are playing the massive outdoor Ultra Music festival this weekend. But old school never sounded so good here. And I, for one, like to balance those edgy late night eardrum-punishing sessions with some easygoing afternoons."

Time Out Chicago
March 2008

"[WMC] is a great opportunity for finding out new talent and appreciating renowned artists from all over the world. As an essential forum for advancement of the industry, WMC continues to attract the world’s most lauded and innovative artists, DJs and professionals, and nearly 40,000 attendees to the warm shores of Miami Beach, to participate in a concentrated schedule of over 300 artists, DJ and record company receptions and parties (which featured no fewer than 2,106 artists and DJ performances in 2007). More than 10 of the most preeminent international DJ’s from France will offer a French Spring break to Miami!"

April 2008

"The longest running international music event in the planet visited Miami as scheduleded and left us locals behind, already yearning for next years event. World Famous DJ's delighted the decks and turntables all week long."

April 2008

“Miami is a great spark in the year over there [Europe]. It’s when people from all over the country come together - not only the DJs, or producers, or people working behind the scenes – but also the fans. For me it’s always a pleasure. I think the WMC is one of the most important things in North America. It’s maybe more important now as 10 years ago it was just a bunch of producers and industry workers high-fiving each other about how cool they were doing everywhere else. Now it’s more about playing the music and having fun with the punters and spreading that across the whole country when those kids go back to their home towns. So for me it’s really really important."

Richie Hawtin
April 2007

“The Europeans love it (WMC) and it’s a wonderful location. The conference over the years…its still important and it on everyone’s mind when it comes to electronic music. What’s great is we can use it as a springboard to launching new things and trying new things, new records."

Paul Oakenfold
Miami Herald

November 2007

“…One of the most anticipated clubbing events in the country—the Winter Music Conference in Miami—is technically a get-together for professionals. Founded in 1985 as a convention for the dance music industry, the conference has grown into such a rollicking good time for anyone who loves the music…"

Beth Greenfield
The New York Times
March 2007

“This week is like club-music heaven for the fans. It’s the only time you can hear every major dance-music act in the world at the same time, and there’s nothing else anywhere that rivals this week. Winter Music Conference helps create stars."

Rob Fernandez
Pacha, New York

“Each March—the vast majority of label heads, DJs, producers, booking agents and managers head south, armed with promos, posters and SPF 30….Miami in March is more important now than it’s ever been.."

DJ Mag, UK
March 2007

“It’s important to go [to the Winter Music Conference] with two minds- the first, of course to promote your artistry, and the second, to have fun and enjoy the experience."

James Zabiela
March 2007

“I use a lot of technology onstage, as much as in the studio, so it’s a very interesting convention for me to see what’s new, get contacts and maybe even develop new pieces of gear."

Paul Van Dyk
March 2007

“It’s just having a lot of fun with all my friends, meeting people who I work with all the year through the internet and don’t get to see much. I just saw Armand Van Helden and the guys from Dirty South, and I said, ‘… maybe you could do a remix of my next single,’ and they were like, ‘Oh great. We love you’. When you’re in an office, you don’t necessarily think of everyone."

David Guetta
March 2007

"It's that time in the annual dance music calendar when the great and the good - and the delinquents! - of the industry head off to the sunnier climes of Miami. Thousands of clubbers, DJs and industry insiders are ditching the cold shores of Britain for the Winter Music Conference. The event is now in its 21st year and shows no signs of slowing down, attracting the biggest names in dance music from all around the world. Each year some of the biggest tunes are showcased at the event, albums are launched, DJs display their turntable talents and a huge amount of boozing and schmoozing takes place. Needless to say, all this takes place in beachwear and shades (sunburnt skin optional)."

DJ Mag, UK
March 2007

"The WMC brought thousands of people worldwide to the sand and shores of Miami.Over 340 parties and venues across the city introduced new technology and methods for music production, and gave music lovers the chance to hear the world's best DJs do what they are known for. It was a week that created a musical playground for fans of all ages. Most fans make the annual trip year after year, learning how to do it better with each visit. The conference grew from a small beachside event in Ft. Lauderdale to what is now rumored as the largest business-generating week-long event in the city's annual calendar, beating out the MTV Video Music Awards and the annual boat show. Record companies send their finest to release new music, network, gain face time with fans and try and do what has steadily been a momentum to enhancing dance music into the minds of Americans. After a week of meeting and greeting, attendees are usually exhausted by the end, but leave thinking about next year's conference."

Ayinde O. Chase, April 2006
All Headline News

"BEST WEEK IN MIAMI - WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE. Nothing else in Miami compares to WMC's eclectic blend of music and top-name artists."

May 11, 2020
Miami New Times

"The Winter Music Conference is a 21 year old tradition that offers a week of networking, education, and indulgence in all aspects of the dance music industry. People from all over the world saved their pennies, travel to South Beach to attend meetings and seminars during the day, and parties morning, noon , and night.. there's no excuse to miss the circus of beats, mixes, scratches, rhymes, ladies, b-boys, lovers, breakers, hoppers, skippers, singers, speakers, bass, rhythm, treble, beauty, friends, all mixed in with a little business, and a little sun. Oh! My goodness it was worth every credit card I maxed out."

Tuesday Gilliam, May 2006
Closer Magazine

"Don't go to Miami expecting to have the best time of your life, and you probably will."

Simon Marlin, Shapeshifters, March 2006
Quoted in DJ Mag

"There was an awesome vibe with all kinds of international djs playing to the most discerning fans.The last day of WMC is always pretty sad, not only that the weeklong music celebration is over but that after a night of Danny Tenaglia just about everyone is partied out. And of course the only solution is one more party."

Ron Slomowicz, April 2006

"Do the math: Thousands of international industry professionals at the annual Winter Music Conference coupled with tens of thousands of spring breakers equals millions in disposable income. Small wonder this year's conference week is bigger than ever - 327 events at 88 venues in seven days, in Miami Beach alone, according to the city's official count."

Evelyn McDonnell, March 2006
The Miami Herald

"The annual beach-side schmooze, booze 'n' dance moves gathering is 21 this year, and certainly bigger and brasher than ever. What was once an industry-only beano has truly become an intense Stateside Ibiza, featuring top-draw club events and killer parties to suit all tastes. And as the industry has had to adapt fast from the era of handing out vinyl by the pool, to an age of downloading tunes on the flight over, the change in Miami should be viewed as another exciting example of today's new musical frontier. Whether you are going or not, business or pleasure, like it or loath it, Miami in March continues to do a fantastic job of representing the raw energy and magnetic appeal of dance music to an ever-changing world."

Tom Kihl, March 2006
DJ Mag, UK

"As we nurse our sunburnt noses and sore heads, it's hard to believe the WMC is over for another year, but what a conference week it was! . this year's WMC was certainly one of the most musically diverse conferences ever, with an excellent showing of class DJs across all genres."

April 2006
Resident Advisor

"For two weeks every year, Miami opens its doors to the Winter Music Conference and the city gets ready to party. Everyone who's anyone in the world dance scene decamps to Florida to get a first listen at the big tunes predicted for the summer and, of course, to enjoy some fun in the sun. I had always been enthralled by the tales of decadent parties and scores of DJs with future hit records to unleash on the crowds. If you've got cash to spare and energy to match then Miami's the place to be."

Stuart Barrie, April 2006
Daily Record, UK

"WMC turns 21 this year. What started out as a few industry delegates swapping ideas around a swimming pool has grown into something quite remarkable. So much so that WMC is no longer just a conference, but a five-day balls-to-the-wall party."

Ben Edwards, March 2006
DJ Mag, UK

"It's been a major date in every European DJ's and label's diary for a long time..I think Miami has chosen a good direction in concentrating on it's ability to launch new things and be a very creative source."

John Digweed, March 2005
The Miami Herald

"The annual Winter Music Conference in Miami is the biggest U.S. festival dedicated to dance music.Between the daytime poolside parties, the early evening parties, the late night parties, and the crack of dawn after-parties, there was no rest for the wicked. I was only there for three days, and I still need a week (or two) to recover."

Tricia Romano, March 2005
The Village Voice

"Winter Music Conference.a time when the agenda is set for the year and new things are being tested out. Forget Vegas, Miami is really the USA 's number one party town. The WMC will once again showcase the world's best DJs and the hottest new tunes during an intense six days."

Pete Tong, February 2005

"Another top week in Miami ."

Hernan Cattaneo, April 2005

"As the gray winter months engulfed Europe , we can't emphasize enough why you should be making your way to Miami in 2006.it get's better and better every year."

Kevin McFarlane, May 2005
M8 Magazine

"As WMC celebrated it's 20 th Anniversary, the show's organizers peppered attendees with useful options-sharper seminar panels, DJ Spinoffs, giveaways, new technologies, and it's annual International Dance Music Awards."

Jim Tremayne . June 2005
DJ Times

"Miami WMC is the biggest event in the dance music calendar, it is where relationships are forged, deals are struck and the big tunes of the year debut. Across six days.a who's who billing of legendary DJs play the coolest parties under the sun."

bbc.co.uk, November 2004

"(WMC) begins the dance music calendar."

Steve Porter, April 2005

"I have come to realize that although this conference is very informative with on-going workshops and introductions to cutting-edge DJ equipment, resources and contacts, it is also a celebration of the dance music genre. The conference is also very instrumental in introducing new artists and re-establishing past artists."

Mikel Lopes, May 2005
In Newsweekly

"The conference has provided a platform that has served as a valuable springboard for the success of many DJs, producers and dance music professionals from around the world; it's the place where many of the major deals of the year begin."

Jenn Danko, April 2005
Shepherd Express

"This weeklong gathering of the electronic music masses is spectacularly indulgent, gloriously overpriced, and undeniably around-the-clock fun. The event is among the top electronic music draws in the world. Time to start checking flights for next year."

Dave Wedge, May 2005
The Boston Herald

"(WMC 2005 was ) Hot. Excited. Lovable. Dark. Interesting."

Carl Cox, April 2005

"The Winter Music Conference has proved to be a great opportunity for manufacturers to road test their latest gear directly to the DJ/electronic musician community."

Futuremusic.com, April 2005

"Everyone in the industry blocks off the last full week of March every year for WMC. Visually and aurally, all of a sudden you're thrust into this place where everyone is there. People have been waiting for this the whole year and all that energy is just thrust out."

DJ Heather, May 2005
The Boston Herald

"The Winter Music Conference celebrates it's 20 th anniversary.making it one of the oldest-and definitely the most cutting-edge-cultural events in South Florida.an essential gathering spot for the most forward-looking members of the global music industry."

Evelyn McDonnell, March 2005
The Miami Herald

"Never again (until next year!)"

Lee Burridge, April 2005

"WMC in it's 20 th year, the conference has attracted music commerce experts from 60 different countries and holds the American torch as the chief for DJ networking. Featuring workshops and seminars in technology, radio exposure, legal issues, market trends and DJ contests-for the eager entrepreneur seeking to advance in the music industry, WMC is the way to go."

Nick James, April 2005
Slug Magazine

"Winter Music Conference is a place where over 40,000 up-and-coming DJ's can learn more about the art of spinning, digital mixing and even producing their own music through seminars, workshops, and more important, networking. If you want to hear the top DJ's from all over the world play the most innovative music on the most outstanding sound systems Conference week is the time to be in South Beach ."

Monica Surrency, May 2005

"For the past 20 years Miami 's Winter Music Conference has been known as the singular networking point for industry professionals worldwide. In the world of dance it doesn't get any bigger as no other conference has been able to offer the outstanding lineup of performances, panels, exhibits, clinics and networking opportunities that the WMC has compiled into the space of just 7 days. The valuable opportunities shared by professionals have proven to be well worth the cost for individuals, bringing them from over 60 countries year after year. On any given day BT may be hosting a panel on production tips and techniques, while in the next room a representatives from SPIN Magazine and BBC will be discussing the relationship dance music has with mainstream press. The general knowledge attained from these panels is helpful both to the unsuspecting bedroom DJ and commercial tastemakers respectfully. The past 20 years have definitely seen the world of Electronic Dance Music change for the better and WMC has reacted appropriately by growing year after year while embracing every facet of the industry."

Resident Advisor, April 2005

"Founded in 1985 as an opportunity for the then fledgling dance music industry to gather and discuss the future of the business, conference has expanded into one crazy week that every electronic music fan in the world is aware of. No matter whether your taste is house, trance, chillout or drum n bass, there's something to suit your tastes and the atmosphere in Miami during the week is electric, with world famous DJ's left, right and center."

Nick Junkie, February 2005

"This year WMC celebrated its 20th anniversary with an unparalleled lineup of events, artist showcases and parties. Every aspect of the industry was represented in Miami .all seeking different things, but all drawn together by a love of and appreciation for dance music. At the Wyndham there was always something on. During the day, when many people were asleep, seminars, panels and press conferences kept crowds rolling through the lobby while poolside, DJs including Paul Johnson, Christopher Lawrence and Colette all played sets throughout the week. Crowds came and went, and the diversity of talent performing created a constantly changing atmosphere. WMC 2005; absolutely spectacular."

Inthemix.com.au, April 2005

"WMC2005 is like nothing else on earth. As well as a full on conference or two, complete with equipment exhibitions, demo songwriting and publishing workshops, Q&A sessions, remixing and editing workshops, event promotion workshops, and the International Dance Music Awards to name a few, there are up to 90 events in the stunning art deco district of Miami called South Beach covering all styles of dance music from soulful house to breaks, Latin to drum&bass EVERY DAY!  Dance industry professionals from all over the globe make the annual pilgrimage to Miami to promote and party"

Dancemix.co.uk, April 2005

"Winter Music Conference is typically a time for discovering new talent and taking the global temperature on the climate of dance music for the coming year."

Internetdj.com, March 2005